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Hartlief Desert Wagyu now available at Shop & Bistro!

We are proud to announce that the Hartlief Desert Wagyu product is now available at Hartlief Shop & Bistro in Namibia. At Desert Wagyu, we are proud to put quality first in our product, from breeding, through objective carcass grading, adding value on the beef production side, and partnering with Hartlief to bring a new niche beef product to the market.

The Wagyu beef for sale is two full-blood wagyu, slaughtered at BeefCor, the animals weighed round 900kg each, with dressing weight around 500kg each, and marble scores of 8 and 9! Desert Wagyu have full traceability, each animal is DNA verified to confirm it's Wagyu content, and registered with the Namibia Stud Breeders Association and the Namibian Wagyu Society. The quality indicator for Wagyu beef is its Marble Score. We purchased a camera via Wagyu South Africa to objectively measure Marble Score of Wagyu Carcasses. Ms Elandri de Bruyn visiting Namibia from 11 to 20 June to train graders from MeatBoard and other beef experts on the use of the camera and MasterBeef app, and other important quality principles of Wagyu beef.

Alongside this, we also received support from South African Wagyu block-man expert, Mr Reinier de Jager, to show various butchers the value-adding cuts on the Wagyu carcass. Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed, with specialty Japanese steaks cut from the forequarter, a relatively novel concept compared to commercial beef where rump, ribeye, sirloin and fillet is considered the prime cuts. In Wagyu, Denver, Bonanza, Flat Iron, among others, are highly recommended for their higher inter-muscle marble fineness, and unique taste properties.

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