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Specialty Wagyu Cuts in Namibia

On Friday 18 June 2021, we had a Wagyu beef block-man expert from South Africa, Mr Reinier de Jager. He demonstrated to several block-men from various butcheries at Hartlief in Windhoek on how to work through the Wagyu carcass, cutting and naming of the different specialty Japanese Wagyu cuts. Reinier has been working with Wagyu beef for the past 2 years, making it his niche focus, developing cuts for the South African market. He is also in the process of developing similar training programs in a more formal setting alongside the South African Wagyu Society and Certified South African Wagyu Beef program. Desert Wagyu along with the Namibian Wagyu Society arranged for the training and in partnership with Hartlief also invited other butchers and guests to attend, including Klein Windhoek Schlagterei, Fruit & Veg, and Silverspoon Academy.

For those new to the Wagyu eating experience, we are often asked what is the best cut...

The more valuable meat cuts are found in the fore quarter, unlike commodity beef where the hind quarter cuts are considered prime. The forequarter is also known for being larger in shape and its abundant marbling which gives the juiciest, most beefiest, nutty flavors. We can most definitely recommend the Denver, Flat iron and Bonanza cuts. The size of these specialty cuts is relatively small compared to rump and sirloin for example, but we promise it won't disappoint - just make sure you're the first in line before they're sold out!

The beef will be available at Hartlief Shop & Bistro in Windhoek.

In the photos: Block-man working on the Wagyu carcass, Wagyu Marble Score 8/9 Sirloin, Wagyu Breeders and Training team from South Africa left to right Armand Swanepoel (Lauwater Wes Wagyu), Elandri de Bruyn (Technical Expert Wagyu South Africa), Laura Erlank (Accounts, Protea Wagyu Co), Deja Nienaber (Desert Wagyu), Reinier de Jager (Wagyu Blockman). In the last Photo Ms Elandri de Bruyn.

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